Ecology | Conservation | Science Communication

Kia ora and welcome! I am a New Zealand ecologist working predominantly in stream and river systems. I am also a self-confessed freshwater mussel/kākahi geek.

My research interests, currently, include studying the conservation biology, reproductive ecology, phenology, and population ecology of aquatic species. But, I also particularly enjoy disentangling the complexities of community ecology, especially, understanding complex species interactions (especially host-symbiont relationships), as well as resource use and partitioning across space and time in sympatric species.

I use a variety of methodological and analytical approaches including observational and experimental data to answer my research questions and apply this information with the aim of informing and improving the future conservation and restoration of species and their associated environments.

Outside of the research realm, my passion includes communicating science and the importance of the natural world, particularly through photography, illustration and videography.


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